Market Research
A survey of consumer preferences will be conducted. The market research will investigate the degree of consumer awareness and preferences of these products, as well as other similar protein drinks, in order to market quality products. Qualitative research will be carried out initially, which will include interviews with consumers, where the final research will be carried out. The data will then be processed using the “Content Analysis” method and the results will be written.
Clinical study of the effectiveness of EGGPRO products
The effectiveness of one of the EGGPRO products will be studied, depending on the results of the consumer preferences survey. Specifically, the maintenance or increase of muscle mass and performance after a functional training program will be explored.
For this purpose, 4 experimental groups of both sexes will be created:

α) young non-athletes,
β) young athletes,
γ) elderly non-athletes and
δ) elderly athletes.

The rationale for selecting four different groups is that the combined effects of exercise and protein intake may vary with age and training status. Additional admission criteria will be normal body weight (body mass index 18.5-25 kg / m2), the absence of chronic diseases, not taking dietary supplements and non-systematic medication. Because there is no research in the literature similar to the one planned (ie comparison of egg albumen and whey), it is impossible to know the expected effect size in order to rely on this calculation of the sample size required to have a satisfactory statistic. power (0.8). It is noted, however, that research on the effectiveness of protein supplements is used by only 6 to 20 people. On this basis, we first define that each experimental group will include 20 people (ie a total of 80).
The recruitment of participants will be done on a voluntary basis through public invitations, which will be published in print and electronic media. Volunteers will be fully informed, in writing, of the purpose, requirements, benefits and potential risks of the study and will give signed consent to participate.

Throughout the study, there will be monitoring of the diet of the trainees, to ensure that any differences will be due only to the different formulations. At the same time the participants will wear activists to control the rest of their daily physical activity.

At the beginning and end of each period of 8 weeks the following measurements will be performed at rest:

a) Measurement of weight, height, and body circumference to assess for central obesity.
b) Measurement of muscle mass with 3 methods.
c) Measurement of basal metabolic rate by indirect calorimetry in order to assess their basic energy needs and correlate with age and body composition.
d) Measurement of maximum force of upper extremities, lower extremities and torso in an isokinetic dynamometer.
e) Blood samples for the measurement of basic biochemical parameters and the complete amino acid profile of the blood in order to evaluate the bioavailability of the preparations.

To avoid any effects of the last exercise session of each period on the above measurements, the measurements at the end of each period will be made 2 days after the last exercise session.

The above results are expected to allow the development of proposals for the improvement of EGGPRO products and related nutritional recommendations.
Expected results
  • Upgrading an existing EGGPRO product through scientific documentation of its effectiveness

  • The development of skills of the people who will be involved in its implementation.

  • Increasing human labor.

  • The creation of specialized human resources.

  • Improving the company’s competitiveness by upgrading products and increasing human labor, as the creation of new specialized human resources will be required.
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