Scope of the project


The market research will investigate the degree of consumer awareness and product preferences and other similar protein drinks in order to market Quality Products. Initial qualitative research will be carried out, which will include interviews with consumers where the final research will be carried out. The data will then be processed using the “Content Analysis” method and writing the results obtained from them.


The effectiveness of one or more EGGPRO products will be studied to maintain or increase muscle mass after from an exercise program. For this purpose four groups will be created: young non-athletes, young athletes, elderly non-performing and elderly athletes. They will be givenan EGGPRO product for 8 weeks and a whey protein drink for another 8 weeks crosswise, ie half will receive one preparation and the other half first. To ensure the objectivity of the study, administration will be double blind, ie neither examiners nor examiners will know what the subjects are taking. In addition, their diets will be controlled by age, gender, physical activity and health status in order to ensure that differences will only be due to different formulations.


The data from the above measurements will be statistically analyzed for the comparison ofthe formulations. On the basis of the results, proposals will be developed to improve EGGPRO products and relevant nutritional recommendations.

Avgodiatrofiki has launched a series of 5 egg albumen products in the form of EGGPRO: EGGPRO FITNESS, EGGPRO MUSCLE, EGGPRO PROTEIN, EGGPRO VITAL and EGGPRO VITAL SUPERFOODS for several years. Although products are potentially beneficial to health and athletic performance, there is currently no objective picture of consumer preferences for relevant products.
In addition, there is no scientific evidence of their usefulness. If this happens, their added value will increase and become more attractive to the consumer, and suggestions for improvement will be suggested.


Description of workpackages

Worckpackage 1

Investigation & design of optimal product utilization model

Workpackage 2

Clinical study of the efficacy of EGGPRO products

Worckpackage 3

Development of proposals for the improvement of EGGPRO products and related nutritional recommendations


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